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Risk-calculation tools:
Stocks risk and position-size calculator
Futures risk and position-size calculator
Risk and position-size calculator for Bitmex
Binance Futures risk and position-size calculator

Watchlists for Tradingview (always up to date):
Bitmex pairs
Kraken pairs
Binance Futures Perpetual
Binance Futures Perpetual spot pairs
Binance Spot BTC-pairs
Binance Spot USDT-pairs
Binance Spot ETH-pairs
Binance Spot BNB-pairs
Binance Spot AUD/RUB-pairs
Video showing how to import a watchlist into Tradingview

Watchlists for stocks (periodically updated):
Nasdaq 100
S&P 500
Russel 2000 1 of 3
Russel 2000 2 of 3
Russel 2000 3 of 3

Forex-pairs Oanda

Trading-related resources:
My Youtube-channel
TR4D3R10 Twitch-channel